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Alice Shepard, Ph.D., Mirielle Therapy Practice, Women and Relationships Therapy in NYC.
Address: 303 5th Avenue (Near 31st Street)
Suite 1909
New York, NY
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Short Business Description: Alice has been a therapist for over ten years. She completed training at Barnard College, Columbia Medical Center, and Columbia University’s Counseling & Psychological Services. She is a graduate of Brown University and the City University of New York Graduate Center.
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Mirielle Therapy Practice is a small group practice based out of a private office in midtown. There are three practitioners, Natalie, Jenny and myself (Alice) who work closely to provide the best possible individualized care.
We specialize in helping early and mid-career stage women who are looking to make important changes in their lives. Issues that are at the core of ones’ identity can be so painful when they are not going well. Concerns about dating, love, friendships, career issues, family, loss, or health can generate intense feelings of sadness, worry, insecurity, and stress. Our purpose is to work collaboratively with you so that you do not feel alone.

Business Website Address: Women and Relationships Therapy in NYC.
Business Phone Number: 212 545 9901
Amy Rosenberg, LCSW Syosset Counselor
Address: Syosset, New York
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I am a Psychotherapist and Sex Therapist with 20 years of clinical experience and have been trained in a variety of modalities. My style is warm, non-judgmental, engaging and interactive. I draw from my eclectic background in helping each, individual patient or couple deepen their understanding of themselves – so that they may grow, find satisfaction and solutions. This is accomplished by exploring issues deeply and honestly. I create a safe environment where patients feel comfortable examining their emotional lives and listening to their innermost feelings – free from psychological distortion.

Amy Rosenberg is a LGBTQ and life transitions counselor Syosset, who provides individual, couples, family, and group psychotherapy for individuals across the adult lifespan, ranging from young adults to geriatrics.

Marriage counseling San Francisco
Address: 405 Primrose Rd.
Suite 314
San Francisco, California
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Bay Area Marriage and Family Therapy, Inc.

Kin Leung is a Marriage & Family Therapist, MFT practicing in the San Francisco Bay area. Kin specializes in helping couples overcome struggles related to infidelity, intimacy, miscommunication, mistrust, and parenting. Kin's kind, thoughtful and compassionate approach to marriage counseling San Francisco helps guide couples to a calmer and safer space to explore issues and move forward in a more productive manner.

I consider myself a Psychodynamic and Relational Therapist in that I help people understand the dynamics of their families and interpersonal relationships with others. Therapy is a microcosm and direct reflection of your life in which many of your behavior patterns and attitudes will emerge. Instead of allowing them to cause dysfunction in your life, in the context of therapy, you will feel the safety where you can take a genuine look at your struggles, and we can then work together to examine those patterns and explore constructive alternatives to replace them.

Child or Adolescent
Relationship Issues
Parenting Issues
Trauma and PTSD

Business Website Address: Marriage counseling San Francisco
Business Phone Number: 415 335 3787
Anne Martin provides Couples Counseling Mammoth Lakes CA
Address: Mammoth Lakes, CA
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Building a strong community with compassionate understanding for individuals, couples, & families one relationship at a time.

Anne Martin provides Couples Counseling Mammoth Lakes CA, relationship counseling, pre-marital counseling, parenting education and workshops as well as family counseling and specialized counseling with teens. She helps with divorce, relationship guidance, love and communication skills.

A Marriage counselor and family therapists are trained to focus on relationships and the connections that are created between people. I collaborate with my clients when seeking solutions to distressing problems. Non-judgmental collaboration does not look for winners or losers when relationships are at stake. Rather than assigning blame, time is spent focusing on the “we” in the relationship. These priceless connections become stronger and more enduring.

Emotionally Focused Couple’s Therapy is a therapy based on the science of love and attachment. Our most important relationships can trigger strong feelings. Relationships can be a source of massive stress and pain- or a source of great comfort and joy. EFT helps couples to learn to deal with these feelings together- in a positive way.

Business Website Address: Couples Counseling Mammoth Lakes
Dimitra Stucke, Psy.D.
Address: Dimitra Takos, Psy.D
901 Dove Street
Suite 150
Newport Beach, CA
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Dr. Takos is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Newport Beach specializing in the treatment of adolescents and adults suffering from depression, anxiety, and trauma-and stressor-related disorders.

She is deeply passionate about her clients’ well-being and brings over 15 years of experience as a psychologist to manage many life’s problems including adjustment issues, life stress, parenting issues, relationship conflicts, anger control, problems with intimacy, and grief/loss. She works closely with each of her clients to obtain a deep understanding of their challenges in order to tailor treatment to achieve lasting change.

Dr. Takos graduated from the University of California, Irvine and received her Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology, San Francisco. She completed her predoctoral internship at the Boston Veterans Affairs Healthcare System/Harvard Medical School and a postdoctoral fellowship at the Cognitive Intensive Outpatient Program, Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital, San Diego. Dr. Takos has extensive training and clinical experience in settings that include psychiatric hospitals, primary care clinics, forensic institutions, and the department of education.

In addition to clinical work, Dr. Takos is published in mindfulness based practices and presents professional lectures and seminars. She also has supervised predoctoral interns and postdoctoral fellows in training programs accredited by the American Psychological Association.

Dr. Takos is a Newport Beach Psychologist specializing in the treatment of adolescents and adults suffering from depression, anxiety, and trauma-and stressor-related disorders.

Business Website Address: Newport Beach Psychologist
Business Phone Number: 949 701 7976
Donna Shanahan, LMFT
Address: 595 E Colorado Blvd.
Suite 607
Pasadena, CA
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Short Business Description: I have been working with couples, practicing couples therapy in Pasadena for over fifteen years. As your therapist, I will help you understand the underlying conflict and how each partner contributes to it. I will provide a safe space that allows for open and honest communication. Together, we’ll explore how to reconnect and find healthier ways of dealing with conflict and re-establishing intimacy and communication.
Long Business Description:

My work focuses on exploring thoughts, feelings and memories from early childhood experiences and how those experiences relate to the current issues that you are struggling with now. Oftentimes, what seems to be a problem on the surface is connected to something on a much deeper, internal level.

Business Website Address: Couples therapy Pasadena, CA.
Business Phone Number: 626 644 7574
Drew Tillotson, PsyD.
Address: 1730 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA
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Short Business Description: Many people come to a point where thinking about their problems alone or talking with family and friends has not helped them move forward. Some have shame about seeking help or a sense of weakness for doing so. They may feel being in therapy carries a stigma. Some have problems so private they will not share them with friends or family, contributing to loneliness and a sense that those around them really don’t see them or know how much they struggle. They can perhaps identify problematic, repetitive patterns on their own but have not been able to truly understand their reactions and moods. They have a hard time seeing their own blind spots.
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I am Dr. Drew Tillotson, a licensed Clinical Psychologist in full-time private practice with over 25 years of experience. My office is located in the Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. I work with adults in both individual therapy and couples work. Specializing in addiction therapy in San Francisco.

Business Website Address: Addiction therapy in San Francisco
Business Phone Number: 415 551 7970
Francis Killory Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CMS-CHt)
Address: 900 Lenora Street, W908, Seattle, WA

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Clinical Hypnotherapy Seattle | Francis Killory, CMS-CHt | Hypnosis

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a state of consciousness that is used by licensed instructors to perform hypnosis and induce a hypnotic state. Clinical Hypnotherapy Seattle, Francis Killory, CMS-CHt.

Hypnotherapy, hypnosis, hypnotherapist, hypnotic, Francis Killory, Seattle WA

Business Website Address: Clinical Hypnotherapy Seattle
Business Phone Number: 206-890-8700
Address: 246 Federal Road
Brookfield, CT

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Joanne M. Iurato is a licensed clinical social worker with a Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Behavioral Psychology. She has been practicing psychotherapy since 1993 and has over 20 years of post graduate clinical experience. Her Masters degree in Clinical Social Work was received from Catholic University of America in Washington DC and her Ph.D. was received from Walden University in Minneapolis, MN.

Her clinical specialties are treating special needs and high risk children and their families; as well as adults coping with trauma issues.

Dr. Iurato’s treatment modalities include:
•Social cognitive therapy
•Cognitive behavioral therapy
•Solution focused treatment
•Relational therapy
•Integrative therapy

She is also a Master Certified Coach working with highly motivated persons on a variety of life issues including:
•Career advancement
•Life transitions
•Living with ADD
•Leadership/management challenges

Business Phone Number: 203 740 0270
Kennedy Counseling Collective
Address: 508 Kennedy St NW Suite 300 Washington, DC

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Individual Counseling
We recognize how difficult it can be to create time for self-care and to connect to the important people in your life. We offer you a calm space to unpack the issues that are most important to you. We believe that you are the expert of your world, and we are here to offer compassionate guidance towards your goals. We use a range of specializations, strengthened by our ongoing training and experience, to help you reach these goals.

Relationship Support
Whether you come in on your own or with a partner, we consider how you are impacted by your relationships. We will help you to connecting with one another so that you can bond in a way that may be difficult to do when you are on your own. Relationship support may include pre-marital therapy, separation guidance, or everything in-between.

Play Therapy
We specialize in providing play therapy for children and their families. For children, therapy work looks like play. We create a safe space for children to freely express the full range of their emotions, which may be difficult for you and them when expressed at home and/or school. The therapeutic toys in our playroom paired with our interventions will help your child to process, heal, and move forward with greater confidence.

Virtual Therapy
We believe that a good fit is important between therapist and client, so we provide virtual video therapy options to work with you when you are unable to meet in person. We are also able to provide exclusively virtual therapy if you live internationally.

Counseling Petworth DC, Kennedy Counseling Collective believes that mental health is a priority, and therapy services should be accessible to everyone.

Reach Heidi
directly at 202-630-0496

Reach Marjorie
directly at 202.643.5512

Business Website Address: Counseling Petworth DC
Kin Leung, MFT, Asian American Therapy Daly City, CA
Address: 341 Westlake Center
Suite 320. Daly City, CA
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Short Business Description: I consider myself a Psychodynamic and Relational Therapist in that I help people understand the dynamics of their families and interpersonal relationships with others. Therapy is a microcosm and direct reflection of your life in which many of your behavior patterns and attitudes will emerge. Instead of allowing them to cause dysfunction in you life, in the context of therapy, you will feel the safety where you can take a genuine look at your struggles, and we can then work together to examine those patterns and explore constructive alternatives to replace them.
Long Business Description:

I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, with a special expertise working with Asian American families, couples, and individuals practicing in San Francisco, CA. I also have over a decade of experience working with adolescents and their families as a psychotherapist and supervisor in the San Francisco and Peninsula area. Originally from Hong Kong and bilingual in Cantonese, I have the personal experience of living in 2 very different cultures and understand the struggles many Asian American families go through. It is my goal and dedication to provide therapy service that is suitable for each family in need.

Business Phone Number: 415 814 6626
Kristy Hellum, MFT
Address: Santa Rosa Office
608 College Ave
Santa Rosa, CA
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Short Business Description: I bring 15+ years experience helping couples, adults, teens and families. Therapy is an inner journey of self-exploration, self-acceptance, and self-expression. Together we co-create and celebrate your process as you move towards a compassionate acceptance of where you’ve been and create the vision of where you are going.
Long Business Description:

I offer a wide variety of transformational tools and psychotherapy orientations to move you forward. My training/orientation draws on spiritual traditions, somatic practices, creative arts, mythology and indigenous wisdom. I utilize techniques from the most effective cutting edge psychotherapies, the most recent findings of cognitive/affective neuroscience, and accessible practices of coaching, mindfulness, expressive arts, and energy psychology.

Business Website Address: Therapist Santa Rosa, CA.
Business Phone Number: 707 599 2000
Lu Ann Ahrens, MS, LMFT, Marriage & Couples Counseling Riverside, San Bernardino County
Address: 5053 La Mart Drive,
Suite 105
Riverside, CA
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Short Business Description: I love working with couples. It is a privilege to be a part of the rebuilding of a marriage. Don’t throw your marriage away without looking for answers and trying something different. After all if you’re stuck in your marriage, the old way hasn’t been working. It’s time to change the old patterns!
Long Business Description:

Many couples sacrifice their marriages in order to raise their children. But, the truth is that the relationship that created the children cannot take the backseat. A marriage has to be nurtured right along with the kids and it has to be nurtured after they leave. A marriage is an investment. When a couple can make a marriage work, a legacy is left for the children. There’s just too much at stake to just let a marriage die on the vine, so-to-speak. I put my own career on hold until my oldest child left for college.

Business Phone Number: 951-782-8050
Lynn Alexander, PsyD
Address: 1000 Fremont
Suite 200
Los Altos, CA
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Short Business Description: I care deeply and passionately about helping people live richer, more satisfying lives. My particular focus is helping other therapists deepen their empathy and understanding to the point where they really can see the world their clients are showing them, as if they are standing in that person’s shoes, looking out through their eyes. This empathy and understanding will help you to feel safer, no longer so alone, and better able to face the things causing you pain.
Long Business Description:

I provide consultation, and if desired, ongoing supervision to licensed MFTs, LCSW’s, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists. After an initial meeting, we can continue to meet in person, or if that is geographically difficult we can work over the phone. Sometimes other therapists cover several cases with me to get my ideas on what are the core issues, and what treatment approaches would be most helpful. Others prefer to follow a single case in depth in order to master working deeply and effectively.

Business Website Address: Palo Alto Therapy & Counseling
Business Phone Number: 650 328 8505
Michelle McDonald Kennedy, LMFT, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) in Los Altos, CA.
Address: 2251 Grant Road
Suite H
Los Altos, CA
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Short Business Description: Michelle Kennedy Founded the Los Altos Parent-Child Therapy Center in Los Altos, California. Michelle is passionate about improving the relationship between parent and child. Michelle has extensive experience and training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and is Certified in both Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, and Positive Psychology.
Long Business Description:

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is short-term and empirically supported therapy for children aged two to seven. Originally developed by Dr. Sheila Eyberg and modeled after Hanf’s (1969) two-stage approach, PCIT is a blend of operant theory, traditional psychotherapy, and early child developmental psychology.

Business Phone Number: 650 260 7500
Miriam Gold, LCSW, PLLC
Address: 4913 Professional Court
Suite 5
Raleigh, NC
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I specialize in trauma PTSD therapy in Raleigh, North Carolina.

My treatment specializations also include childhood and adult Trauma, adult survivors of trauma, both recent and past. Treating children and adolescents; Neglect/Sexual Abuse/Physical abuse, Community/War/Political Violence, Natural Disasters, Life Threatening Medical illness, Serious Accidents, School Violence, Traumatic Loss, Foster Care and Adoption, Attachment Concerns.

I Am Rostered in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) through the North Carolina Child Treatment Program. TF-CBT is an evidence-based treatment for children, adolescents, and their parents or caretakers who have experienced trauma or loss. Extensive training in Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), an evidence-based therapy for adults.

Business Phone Number: 919 638 3946
Address: 1151 Dove Street, Suite 245,
Newport Beach, CA
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Patrice Hooke, LMFT uses practical honest feedback and focus on the strengths of my clients to help them reach their goals. I believe that with honesty, compassion and understanding, we can all find healing and have a more fulfilling life. She is especially passionate about couples counseling Costa Mesa.

Business Website Address: Couples Counseling Costa Mesa
Business Phone Number: 949 355 1305
Sex Addiction Counseling Houston
Address: 1500 North Post Oak, Suite 150, Houston, TX 77055
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Jennifer Josey LPC LMFT CSAT of Intuitive Pathways Recovery specializes in Sex Addiction Counseling Houston Texas, love addiction, recovery for couples from sex and love addiction, trauma resolution for partners of sex addicts and group therapy. Sexual addiction is a serious problem that affects people of all socioeconomic status, educational status, both males and females and even teenagers and preadolescent children.

Business Website Address: Sex Addiction Counseling Houston
Business Phone Number: 713 213 7810
Shari Wood, M.Ed., R.C.C.
Address: #300-3665 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC V5R 5W2
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Long Business Description:

Shari is a warm and collaborative therapist who is dedicated to helping her clients as they begin their own personal therapeutic journey. She is passionate about helping her clients work through the challenges that may be holding them back from living their most fulfilling life. Shari aims to build on clients existing strengths in helping them move towards greater wellbeing, clarity, and increased self-awareness.

In her clinical experience, Shari has worked with a diverse clientele including individuals, couples, youth, and families experiencing a wide range of emotional, social, existential, and behavioral issues. Shari holds a Master of Education in Counselling Psychology and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC). She has also provided services to clients referred to her through the Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP) and the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC). Shari has worked with these clients to help them build resilience and work through their struggles related to trauma, depression & Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Shari utilizes an integrative approach and tailors therapy to the unique needs and values of her clients. Her theoretical orientations primarily include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, Narrative Approach, Attachment Theory, and Person-Centered Therapy. Shari is committed to an empowering and strength based approach and believes that the therapeutic relationship is a crucial factor in successful therapy.

Business Website Address: Counselling Burnaby
Business Phone Number: 604 616 0400
Therapist Marketing
Address: 10014
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Short Business Description: We’re proud to use the latest, state-of-the-art software when it comes to optimizing your business. This technology allows us to share your information fully across the Internet, and increase your presence and visibility 24/7, so you’ll never miss a potential customer looking for whatever your business has to offer.
Long Business Description:

Did you know that about 49% of all local searches online are made without a specific business in mind? Major search engines have picked up on the fact that local people tend to look for local businesses in their area first and foremost when they are in need of therapy services, and have given preference to those businesses who have SEO (Search Engine Optimized) sites – that way, they can be found easily. Click here to read more about Therapist Marketing strategies from an expert in the field.

Business Website Address: Therapist Marketing
Business Phone Number: 646 340 2242
Tom Kearns, LCSW – Kearns Group
Address: 817 Broadway
Suite 1006
New York, NY
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Not sure why parts of your character hold you back in your work? For Work Stress Counseling Metro NYC, Kearns Group helps individuals study the gap between goals and their achievement. Through a contextual counseling we reveal the stress that gets in the way and design strategies to better reach their achievement. Conveniently located in Greenwich Village near Union Square.

Business Website Address: Work Stress Counseling Metro NYC
Business Phone Number: (917) 877-9111
Couples Counseling Pacific Heights
Address: 2302-A Fillmore St. San Francisco, CA
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I want very much to hear your story, and help you identify and overcome challenges that impact your relationships and daily life. I offer a welcoming, safe, and judgment-free space where you can be your most honest self. I work hard to make sure my clients feel heard and supported. I will listen carefully to you and offer tailored perspectives and ideas to help you maximize your strengths, conquer obstacles, and live a happier life.

Couples Counseling Pacific Heights

Benu Lahiry Associate Marriage and Family Therapist in San Francisco practicing Couples Counseling Pacific Heights specializing in couples intimacy.

Business Website Address: Couples Counseling Pacific Heights
Business Phone Number: 304 654 9206
Couples Counseling Dallas
Address: 4514 Cole Ave #600, Dallas, TX 75205, USA
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Kathryn McNeer, LPC specializes in Couples Counseling Dallas with her sound, practical and sincere advice. Kathryn's areas of focus include individual counseling, relationship and couples counseling Dallas. Kathryn has helped countless individuals find their way through life's inevitable transitions; especially that tricky patch of life known as "the mid life crisis." Kathryn's solution-focused, no- nonsense counseling works wonders for men and women in the midst of feeling, "stuck," or "unhappy." Kathryn believes her fresh perspective allows her clients find the better days that are ahead. When working with couples, it is Kathryn's direct yet non-judgmental approach that helps determine which patterns are holding them back and then helps them establish new, more productive patterns. Kathryn draws from Gottman and Cognitive behavioral therapy. When appropriate Kathryn works with couples on trust, intimacy, forgiveness, and communication.

Business Website Address: Couples counseling Dallas